The Customer

The company is one of the leading manufacturing Industries for air compressors over 5 decades with rich experience in India. They are one of the core companies among all their groups. They serve major sectors like oil and gas, steel, cement, food and beverages, railways, defense, and marine.

The Problem

Every measurement or parameter to test the quality of the compressor is done by the test engineer by taking reading while testing the compressor which is noted on paper. The analysis and OEE calculation done manually using excel. Report generation was lagging by 1 week due to multiple steps and manual interventions.

Here’s what they wanted to achieve:

  • Decrease testing time
  • Reduction in defects
  • Paperless testing
  • Real-time OEE
  • Reduction in time to check the quality
  • Die history digitization & tracking

The Solution

After analyzing all the bottlenecks in the process, our project management team successfully implemented the following solutions:

  • Testbed cycle mapped with Digital Twin reduced testing cycle from 3 hours to 28 minutes.
  • The software simply requires IoT Gateway and all parameters can be controlled with single Tab.
  • The desktop was replaced by Tab for operations and execution
  • Real-time processing and report generation without any manipulations with 100% transparency
  • No manipulations in readings
  • Supervisor / Higher Management can monitor the testing remotely

The Result

Here’s how the solutions helped the company:

  • With the Automatic testbed solution, it impacted real-time monitoring of the compressor
  • Equivalent energy savings for 15 Testbeds of compressor testing
  • Paperless Testing
  • Increased efficiency due to 80% decrease in the cycle time
  • The software records all the downtimes & reasons for the downtime
  • Digital Twin parameters give alert in advance if the Machine is in the failure zone. 70% of the downtimes/failures can be prevented