Demonstration and innovation lab

At C414, we offer infrastructure facilities such as demo Lab and Experience Centre with a plan to develop an ecosystem that nurtures and promotes Industry 4.0. We understand how important it is to visualize the change and that is the reason we believe in making you experience Industry 4.0 before implementing it.

Demonstration Lab - Pune

The demonstration lab is a systematic arrangement of Industry 4.0 working models which includes application of Industry 4.0 for-

  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Remote Asset Management
  • Digital Quality Management
  • Realtime Testing Data Acquisition
  • Smart Factory Model
  • Vision Picking Indoor Navigation

Experience Centre - Pune

  • State of the art centre for an immersive experience of Industry 4.0
  • Connecting industry to the real potential of a Smart Factory
  • Interactive exhibits of I4.0 technologies, clarity of concepts, roadmap for execution and training on Industry 4.0 implementation