skilling programs

C4i4 Lab not only strengthens the expertise of companies but also help to develop a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures & drives innovation & growth. C4i4 Lab showcases the best practices in the adoption of new technologies and drives the competitiveness of the industries in the region towards becoming benchmarks in the manufacturing world. In order to adapt to Industry 4.0, one needs to have a definite skill set that is required for it. We undertake various training programs to help you achieve those skill sets.


To accelerate and drive the adoption of Industry 4.0, C4i4 Lab is focusing on developing new skills among the academic institutions under the skill development programs. C4i4 Lab is developing networks and cooperation between industry and academia. To promote the development of relevant skills, C4i4 Lab has initiated the “Academia Facilitation Programme?” to create the ecosystem with the objective of graduate students having knowledge and skills required in the industry for becoming Industry 4.0 ready.

  • Faculty Development Program:

    Selected faculty members will be trained under the Faculty Development Program in Industry 4.0 which is aimed at exposing faculty to basic technology trends & technologies to help build a curriculum for the students.

  • Innovation Lab:

    An Industry 4.0 trainer model will be provided to the institute to bring awareness among the college students about the severe impact of technology & sustainability of manufacturing industries in the country.

  • Student Training Program:

    Selected students will be trained on Industry 4.0 project.


In manufacturing, decision-makers and shop floor personnel must consider specific industry cases before they can realize the true transformational power of FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION or INDUSTRY 4.0 in the enterprise. C4i4 Lab conducts live interactive online training programs on the impact of Industry 4.0 in different areas of business. Our vision is to deliver practice-oriented industry 4.0 online modules for industries, institutions, and individuals. The objective of our training modules is to illustrate the truly transformational impact of Industry 4.0 in the enterprise for all manufacturing personnel as well as industry decision-makers. 

We successfully developed and delivered following online training modules
  • Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
  • Data Science for Manufacturing
  • Product Design for Industry 4.0
  • Customer Experience for Industry 4.0
Our Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Industry 4.0 concepts, principles, technologies, and approaches to realize the impact on business processes
  • Develop skills critical for generating, evaluating, and selecting industry 4.0 applications
  • Identify data science application opportunities in the company
Key Benefits:
  • Manufacturing industry-oriented foundational program
  • Industry use case discussions
  • Highly interactive Q&A sessions
  • Certificate of attendance

Who Should Attend

The program is intended for the C-level executives, mid-managers as well as entry-level engineers.

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