The technology today offers companies the opportunity to work with greater efficiency, to cooperate higher with customers and to offer better insight into customer behavior and margin. In the meantime, various organizations and business models are puzzled and different sectors are disrupted by digital newcomers.

With a view of estimating the impact on your organization and encourage your management with new digital innovations, we offer exhaustive digital transformation workshops.


“Are You Ready” sessions are Industry 4.0 awareness workshops where we enhance the knowledge, performance, and productivity of professionals through the building of qualified individuals equipped with adequate confidence, knowledge, and skills to help them kickstart their Industry 4.0 journey.

  • These workshops are designed for Senior & Mid- level managers and are conducted at C4i4 Lab Pune campus/ customer premises.
  • C4i4 Lab has conducted various Are You Ready sessions around the Nation.
  • 96+ companies across various verticals like machining, forging, plastic components, the foundry has been provided awareness about Industry 4.0.
  • These are 1 day workshops through which we cover topics like challenges & opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, Technologies driving Industry 4.0, Technologies relevant for Indian industry, Leadership of Digital Transformation, Digital transformation and Automation, Concepts of Edge and Cloud, Basics of Data Analytics, Dealing with Legacy products (Old machines), AR & VR, Communication and Protocols, Cyber-security, Role of IT team and much more.


This program aims at transforming the skill gap into gain and prepare digital champions inside an organization who can effectively define, prioritize, and implement an organization’s digital transformation vision. This is a 16 weeks modular training & mentorship program which starts with basic Industry 4.0 awareness and ends with the successful implementation of pilot projects by the participants.

Our objective:
  • Navigation of your transformation journey with our experience, national partner network, and world-class client support.
  • Assistance in achieving breakthrough results at the intersection of creativity and technology, powered by C4i4 Lab’s innovation.
  • Activation of your organization’s digital transformation with support at each step by a trusted partner committed to your success.
  • Defining industry 4.0 essentials
  • Defining digital vision
  • Industry 4.0 Maturity assessment
  • Technology Immersion
  • Identification & prioritization of pilot projects
  • Defining scope for digital projects
  • Implementation of pilot projects.