Maturity assessment

C4i4 Lab’s Industry 4.0 Maturity Assessment Model (I4MM) provides an in-depth review of an organization’s digital maturity and its preparedness for digital transformation. It is an assessment tool that helps in defining a clear vision and strategy for developing a strong roadmap to help move organizations forward in this transformation journey.

The C4i4 Lab assessment takes a rounded view of people, process and technology to enable clients in understanding areas of vulnerability, identify and prioritize areas for remediation and demonstrate both corporate and operational compliance, turning digital transformation inadequacy to business advantage.

C4i4 Lab has combined information on Indian manufacturing standards with the insight of industrial experts to deliver India’s first and finest Industry 4.0 maturity assessment model for assessing an organisation’s digital maturity. Our approach addresses 5 key dimensions like Customer experience, Product Design, Production Management, Asset management and Logistics (Material Flow) that together provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s digital maturity.

Our objective:
  • Assess the current standpoint of digital maturity
  • Identify the opportunities and define a vision and strategy
  • Prioritize abilities to enhance based on business objectives
  • Compute the value and impact of initiatives to digital maturity
  • Evaluate the process of improvement and effectiveness
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